hédonisme libertaire (mmoneurere) wrote,
hédonisme libertaire

Yet more eternal-student stuff...

So it seems that the American Board of Radiology may not require that medical-physics residency applicants have a B.S. in physics specifically, but they have decided to require a B.S. of some sort. Which means that my B.A. in comparative literature won't cut it no matter how many physics classes I pile on top of it.

On the bright side? Finishing a B.S. in physics would require less than a year of coursework (equivalent to about two quarters full-time). Mostly lab courses and upper-division electives. And a chunk of it could be done through my internship. I'll probably have to commute to Riverside two days a week starting next fall (UCR is the only place accepting second-baccalaureate students anywhere near me), but I can deal with that.

I'd kinda thought that I'd start my degree collection after finishing grad school in a field that would let me make a living; I'm just getting a jump start on the process.
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