hédonisme libertaire (mmoneurere) wrote,
hédonisme libertaire

Less than a week until Ascendio!

I'll be presenting my regularly-scheduled every-three-years Harry Potter fandom-related paper, "There's No Such Thing as Canon," at Ascendio 2012 next Saturday from 11:00am-12:00pm. Scheduling this time around isn't quite as depressing as it was at Azkatraz 2009 (where I was scheduled at the same time as the other heavily slash-related presentation, which not only meant I had to miss the presentation I most wanted to attend but also suppressed attendance at my lecture), but I'll still have to miss the panel devoted to LGBTQ characters and themes in YA fiction (which I seriously could have contributed to, and will miss dearly...). I'll also miss one of the Joseph Campbell-fetishist presentations, but I'll survive that -- especially since any urge for trolling not satisfied by my own presentation (...and its title) can be addressed by attending one of the wide variety of "ZOMG guize I ttly found the real transcendental signified of the Harry Potter series!!!!one!" presentations and panels.

So, yeah. Literary theory plus fangeekery! Presentation on the 14th at 11:00! Blatant trolling of fandom in attempts at encouraging more than seven people to show up! (...in defense of that last bit, I'll insist that it helps that I'm right. There really is no such thing as "canon" in any meaningful sense.)
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