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hédonisme libertaire

OK, word around the Internet was that the role of Rex in the current season of Torchwood was initially written for a white guy (as in, the casting sheet asked for a white dude). Seriously, though...

Was the most recent episode written before or after Mekhi Phifer was cast as Rex? Because if it was the former -- dude, what the hell were they thinking? The whole "first they came for that group, but we all know that they'll be coming for us sooner or later" sounds rather more like a statement from experience when it comes from a black man than if it had come from a white man. I mean, seriously -- this is the U.S. If you want a character to know, on an immediate, personal level which overrules everything he's tried to do with his career that the government does not have his back, you don't write that character as a white man. When Rex says "no, I'm not with the CIA...I'm with Torchwood," it means something. If they want to spin this as a race-blind casting, sure -- Mekhi Phifer is fucking awesome for the part. But casting a black American in that role in particular is just better as a casting/writing decision than casting a white male in the same role would be. (A Latino or Asian-American Rex could have a similar thing going on -- but given the ridiculously disproportionate use of state power in the U.S. specifically against black men, it just adds an extra chill to the police-state scenario. I'd almost be non-disappointed if the apparently-surviving Torchwood staff weren't 3/4 white. Seriously, we have one Torchwood WoC and she's now shoved in the freezer/furnace? Again? Really?)
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