hédonisme libertaire (mmoneurere) wrote,
hédonisme libertaire

Need parts!

OK, so it's time: I need to build a Michelson interferometer, so I can carry it around and talk about measuring fluctuations in the lumeniferous aether. One problem, though -- I have sources for the appropriate lenses, prisms, and half-silvered mirrors, but I need the hardware to make the necessary fine adjustments.

So, basically -- I need a source of something like small retail-sale thumbscrews with associated inlaid sockets, or something along those lines. I'll probably go for a vaguely steampunk theme with the design (my BF is an underground tailor/costumer/couturier who's starting a steampunk line, and I'd like to contribute to his project with some period-appropriate experimental physics apparatuses), so a brass finish would be a plus. Cheap is also a plus -- with the appropriate hinges and springs I could make the sort of thumbscrews included with your average computer case at least pretend to produce interference patterns against an appropriate screen, but I'd at least need the bolt-and-nut combo.

Anyone know a good source?
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